Enterprise Deployment

Residency Based Deployment

Alphaworks' Residency Services provides highly skilled, specialized professionals to manage your information infrastructure depending on your specific requirements.

Residents typically reside at your site delivering the specific operational, technical, and/or support skills, knowledge, and expertise to address a wide variety of requirements; from tactical tasks like provisioning and problem management, to ongoing operational improvements by applying the best practices and strategic initiatives such as architecting the overall information infrastructure.

Our Residency Services Portfolio

  • Operational Residencies - best practices expertise, ongoing assistance, processes and procedures
  • Technology Residencies - subject matter expertise and know how to optimize ROI
  • Support Residencies - personalized support aligned with our clients team
  • Transformational Residencies - operational improvements, ongoing management, knowledge transfer
  • Managed Residencies - a team of residents directed by Alphaworks provides expertise, ongoing management and support


Our Residency Services Value

Alphaworks Residency Services assist you with rapid issue resolution, strategic planning, and storage availability. Alphaworks will provide the following:

  • Mid and long term assignments
  • On-site and Offsite
  • Operations/ administration specialists
  • Migration specialists
  • Implementation specialists
  • Architects
  • Database Administrators
  • Project/ Program managers


Why Alphaworks?

Alphaworks employees have successfully completed over 400 Residency assignments over the past 10 years. By leveraging the NOW methodology and our experienced team, we can build a custom offering to ensure your success.