Enterprise Infrastructure

In response to client requests and requirements, Alphaworks is expanding their offerings to include a best-of-breed technology set. This set of products span multiple technology towers which now include a focus on servers, networking, storage, and management software, as well as our traditional focus on Oracle and SAP applications.


Alphaworks now brings an expanded offering that creates a logical end-to-end architecture. The Alphaworks NOW architecture addresses the various parts required to fulfill the needs of our enterprise clients. You will find our high level logical design here.


Alphaworks chose Hewlett Packard as our main supplier of enterprise assets in the architecture. HP has a splendid offering of products in each tower.  HP has:

  • A full suite of products that span all technology towers in the architecture.
  • Data Center “Pods."
  • A global presence.
  • An Enterprise class service and support organization.


Alphaworks also offers a unique command and control management suite of software offerings that brings the benefits of centralized asset management, auditing, compliance, and security to your enterprise.