Enterprise Infrastructure

The Alphaworks Network Offering

Alphaworks is a reseller and user of HP Networking infrastructure products.

In 2010, HP bought 3Com Networks, filling a gaping hole in their end-to-end product strategy. The new HP Networking Division (HPN) has a significant global presence. The new products from HPN promise to change how future network deployments are architected and deployed. Key aspects of this deployment strategy include:

  • flattened network topologies (i.e., network virtualization).
  • utilization of legacy interconnect.
  • disciplined subscription management.

Leveraging existing legacy infrastructure through interconnect and management software is a key aspect of the HP go-to-market strategy. This strategy is fully embraced by Alphaworks.

HP’s networking vision consists of creating end-to-end virtualization of servers, networking elements, and storage. Network virtualization promises to allow business unit and IT management the flexibility of supporting the new generation of network use profiles to the enterprise. Besides the traditional and on-going interconnect of client-to-server/server-to-server/server-to-storage, the new virtual network architectures, proposed by HP, promise to flatten traditional architectures from core-to-edge solutions, allow new classes of interconnect reach (such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) via secure storage networking), and create networking service models that are more closely matched to business requirements. This approach will lead to lower acquisition and support costs, and more closely match networking infrastructure with actual business need.

Look for reference architectures from Alphaworks that will assist bringing these networking fundamentals to your business such as:

  • core-to-edge.
  • wireless networking.
  • convergence (such as FCoE) support.
  • remote caching.
  • secure BYOD support, and more.