Alphaworks, LLC is a licensed reseller of the ConsoleWorks product from partner, TDi Technologies.

About ConsoleWorks
Traditional IT infrastructure approaches stop short of meeting the needs of the IT Foundation. They take a top-down approach that ends where the IT foundation starts. ConsoleWorks® takes a bottoms-up approach. The approach is different. The technology is different. The problems solved are different and the results are remarkable.

ConsoleWorks is the leading IT Foundation Management solution on the market. The ConsoleWorks server is the high-performance engine that handles information flow processing, business rule execution, pattern matching, role-based security and secure log-file aggregation. It handles all input and output for the IT enterprise, serving this data up as needed, and is capable of managing thousands of connections per server.

ConsoleWorks is an enterprise-level privileged access portal that monitors, manages, logs, remediates, reports, and secures physical (routers, switches, a servers, etc.), logical (SANs and applications, for example), and virtual infrastructure at the lowest level, in all machine states, including operating , service, configuration, and maintenance modes.

ConsoleWorks Highlights

Privileged Actor Portal
ConsoleWorks is a unique solution with advance security capabilities that manages user access to assets. It enables enterprise operations for system administrators, contractors, partners, etc. with enhanced role-based access and control over which roles can connect to a managed asset and what can be done while connected – right down to enforcing specific command selection and syntax. Effectively, ConsoleWorks “owns” the actual connectivity to an asset and all shared accounts. The user authenticates to ConsoleWorks. Then, ConsoleWorks, based on the user’s role-based security profile, grants user access to the shared account – not access to the asset.
Privileged Actor Portal.pdf

End-to-End Monitoring and Management
ConsoleWorks acts in a multi-dimensional fashion by monitoring not only the applications but also the servers, virtual machines, network, and storage devices that run them. It provides managers and administrators an end-to-end management solution that controls system access, that monitors and manages all log files, and that watches for specific events that may occur across the organization. It does it in real-time and in all machine states – power on, single user, maintenance, production and failure modes. Its persistent connection also locks down the “back door” entrances that are overlooked by similar, agent-based solutions.
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Closed Loop Remediation
ConsoleWorks enables privileged operations for infrastructure administrators anytime, anyplace and anywhere they can connect to a ConsoleWorks server. It addresses the need for 24x7, single-source enterprise management by providing a secure and complete Closed Loop Remediation solution that is designed to shorten event resolution – minimizing operational disruptions and downtime.
Closed Loop Remediation.pdf

Automated Device Configuration Monitoring and Management
ConsoleWorks helps reduce or eliminate security gaps resulting from configuration changes. Baseline configuration management is a way to reduce or eliminate security gaps resulting from cyber assets that are not properly configured. These gaps occur when baseline changes are not documented, when required changes (such as security patches) are not implemented, when configuration changes are made without approval, and when configuration change mandates are not implemented on one or more cyber assets.
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