Enterprise Management

IT Security and Management

Alphaworks' Enterprise Management software partner is TDi Technologies. TDi Technologies software is an enterprise-level IT management solution that monitors, manages, logs, remediates, and secures physical (routers, switches, servers, and application) and virtual infrastructure assets at the lowest level, in all machine states,  power on, single user, maintenance, production and failure modes.  Tdi's software is agentless and installs non-disruptively into any client environment of any size and makeup.

TDi's software allows for a greatly enhanced level of security and access control that over 400 clients to date have procured and use to manage their enterprise infrastructure.   As a privileged user portal it enables contractors, business partners, service providers, insiders to do their daily activity outside of the business application - but still have the same logging, auditing, monitoring capability for operating system changes, virtual machine changes, database or application changes- changes that are historically catalogued in a log file that cannot be repudiated.

TDi's software accomplishes this functionality through a series of specialized and patented technologies.

ConsoleWorks is the heart and soul of the TDi software suite.   It addresses the need for 24x7 single-source, enterprise management and is designed to minimize operational disruption, downtime and mean-time to repair.   ConsoleWorks is the single access point where client access control occurs.  Client access is controlled by the enforcement of a comprehensive and flexible set of rules that can be defined within the product. 

Intelligent Event Modules -  Where ConsoleWorks is the heart and soul of the TDi solution, the muscle exists in the use of Intelligent Event Modules ("IEM").  IEM's provide ConsoleWorks with a watch list of text messages, including vendor defined error codes, system warnings and status alerts, produced by an information source in the IT environment.   An IEM is product specific and is written to take advantage of ConsoleWorks' ability to identify, notify, remediate and document different types of messages, called Events, as they occur in the data streams of managed systems, devices and applications.

IEM modules support a wide and deep variety of networking gear, storage arrays, applications, hardware platforms and operating systems.  Each IEM is licensed for use based on the client's unique environment.

Operating System Support

ConsoleWorks is relatively simple to install and runs on Solaris, Linux, Windows and Open VMS platforms. 

Key Consoleworks Capabilities

  • Installs easily on commodity hardware that is purpose-built to house it
  • Runs on widely available enterprise level Operating Systems
  • Access through a standard Web Browser or via Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Discovers any network-connected entity by either an individual network identity or range of network identities
  • Enforces the creation and subsequent deployment of role-based and command level access control to individual architecture components
  • Becomes a central repository for access control.  ConsoleWorks manages individual device password-single user password is all that is required.
  • Captures and centrally logs (down to the keystroke) and manages all activities and reported on all managed devices
  • Enforces security and non-repudiation of all incidents through digitally signed log files
  • Creates a secure and effective remote access control point for remote problem resolution and management