Enterprise Management

Security Offering

Every client interaction with any device is done strictly through the TDi software web or command line interface. From that perspective, the TDi software is a strong mechanism for secured and audited access control to virtually every single device in an environment of virtually any size. Centralized control of enterprise assets and the reporting thereof becomes a strong inhibitor to internal and external damage and gives management a greater level of authority and control. Most of all, it ensures creation, subsequent enforcement of and adherence to solid governance controls within IT.

The TDi software supports a robust task-based/role-based privileges model based on a user-defined access control rule. These rules enable administrators more granular and graduated control over what specific users can do while inside the software and how they can access and interact with managed assets.

 Consoleworks functionality includes the following features

  • Centralized command and control for enterprise-wide physical and logical connections, Syslog messages, SNMP traps and other streams of information within your cyber infrastructure
  • Connections secured using SSL and SSH encryption
  • Automatic, securable logging of all data flows to and from monitored assets
  • All asset activity logged and the logs digitally signed to make it easier to detect modification
  • All access secured using roll-based, task-based or command-based user privileges